RA Rufus


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‘Timothy Blewitt’s Rufus 3rd is fiercely totemic, and so modern and gaudy that it could guard Liberace’s tomb.’ (Brian T Allen – art historian - 23/6/18)

‘There’s 2 amazing ancient feeling kind of processional dogs at the entrance to one of the galleries, amazing. Made by someone called Timothy Blewitt and they are made of nails, wood, metal and costume jewellery.’ (Jacky Klein – writer and broadcaster specializing in modern and contemporary art, speaking on Front Row BBC Radio 4 - 5/6/18.)

The 2 presenters of BBC2’s RA Summer Exhibition programme on June 16th 2018 chose 4 short listed entries each that they thought would be exhibited one of which was Rufus 3rd. Their comments in selection were as follows,

‘I need something that’s got a bit more oomph to it, oh like this one, look it’s all made out of costume jewellery. I like a bit of bling I need something that’s a bit bright and a bit of colour. I think I’ve got my choice.’

‘Look at that! That bling dog has pride of place, I think. I love it because it’s got rings, brooches, watches everything and it’s a poodle which is the most bling pet you can get’

Wander Mum website picked Rufus 3rd as it’s favourite for children.

‘Cheeky seemed to enjoy looking around. She had her favourites – and I had mine. Most of hers involved animals. Take this dog, for example. Its embellished coat was irresistible to touch. The costume jewellery embedded in the sculpture by Timothy Blewitt were a particular hit.’