Baskerville, The Hound of the Baskervilles, is crouched ready to pounce. The front legs are bent, head looking upwards and to one side, body slightly twisted and muscular to give it a really menacing look. Because of the position the centre of gravity is towards the front making it 'top' heavy. With the amount of metal applied to the surface this makes Baskerville the heaviest of my sculptures. The materials chosen, such as flattened out cheese graters have been chosen to invoke fear and danger. You do not argue with this dog! The 'Hound' was a fearsome diabolical creature of supernatural origin. Sherlock Holmes shot the animal dead in a struggle proving the hound had to be mortal. It had been coated with phosphorus to give a hellish appearance. The shine was taken off slightly with the lightest of sprays with a pearlescent black.  Dimensions H.(to ears) 78cm x W.40cm x L. 122cm  Home>>

My name is 'Baskerville' the famous dog invented by the famous Sir ACD. I was supposed to be a pure mastiff crossed with a bloodhound. You can make up your own mind.