Dama Chien

     Dama Chien was finished in 2020 and is easily recognised as a Dalmatian. The wooden sculpture was first painted in white, with black patches being added at random, but with reference to real dogs. The next layer was added using vintage jigsaw pieces, ones made from thickish plywood some dating back to the 1920's. Gaps were filled in with a variety of tacks and decorative nails. The jigsaw pieces were sprayed white or black before being applied. The whole surface of this dog has been covered with nails amounting to over 20,000. They were also sprayed beforehand. Although the jigsaw pieces are subsequently obscured they do give depth to the work and will be seen by the eye even if the viewer does not notice them. Dalmatians are very white but this is a 'colour' I do not particularly like and the surface is deliberately grey. The nails are also not fully painted and have silver highlights where the have been hammered in. This is intentional to give greater variety and added interest. Dimension H 120cm x W 40cm x L 130cm Home>>