Rufus 111

     Rufus 3rd is a 'clipped' Standard Poodle and took longer to construct than any other dog so far. The main body was carved from pine sleepers. The legs took almost 2 days on their own. His nose was set slightly up in the air to give him a snooty appearance. This dog knows he is special, well looked after and a show dog. The main parts of his body have been encrusted with mostly an enormous amount of costume jewellery. This was collected over a period of a year from car boot sales. The tail was made separately before being attached. Where the body has been 'clipped'  flat old fashioned earthing cable has been wrapped around. This was the first dog to have glass eyes put in. Dimensions approx - H. 120cm x W. 50cm x L. 110cm. The work was completed 4/8/17.    Home>>

Rufus 3rd was SOLD at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 2018

“My name is ‘Rufus 3rd’ I am a bit snooty because I think I am better than other dogs. Not only better looking but more intelligent.”


Rufus is a Standard Poodle who spends a lot of time at an exclusive dog clipping parlour.


Every tiny bit is filled with costume jewellery and gaps have been covered with decorative tacks