Sir Donald

     Sir Donald is a Labradoodle, the hair of which seems to corkscrew up and go off all in different directions. The main decoration has been made with a variety of expansion spring and compression springs. They have been laid in 2 layers. The first layer was with older springs many of which were rusty and then further sprayed with several different brown paints. This large range of springs were sourced from car boot sales, friends and advertising locally. For the second layer a variety of new smaller springs were nailed on upright and then bent over in a confused but organised 'mess.' There are roughly 10,000 springs. There are also many other metal objects and screws, anything with a curly/twisted form. The finished work was given the lightest of sprays with another brown paint just to take off a little shine. Light dabs of brown acrylic paint was applied and spread/partially removed with a soft hand brush. This work has not been lacquered - if it rusts over time it will not be a bad thing.  Dimensions H. 100cm x W. 35cm x L. 126cm  Home>>

My name is ‘Sir Donald’ and I work very hard at being nice and friendly to everyone. Just ask me to do anything and I will give it my best shot.